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The Emergence

A Time Of Accelerated Change

The Emergence - Book

Did you know that you are of great importance to the universe? You are part of a mosaic of life, and you have meaning. This is not intended to make you feel good or bad. It is a fact of third dimensional reality and beyond. You are an ingredient in the flow of history, but the reasons why can seem a mystery. Only you hold the key to your existence. What is the meaning of life? What is your ultimate destination?

We liken the journey of life to walking the path of a labyrinth. The initial step of the journey is to simply realize what exists in the world today; the second is to realize the parts we play. The third step highlights issues that interfere with our potential and provides tools to set us free. The fourth reflects a vision of the future that is totally dependent on our willingness to step beyond our current world conditions and level of consciousness.

As we travel through this lifelong labyrinth of third dimensional reality, we must keep in mind that “there are many paths but only one journey.” This path that you now walk is the key to the great mystery of existence—your existence. Finding purpose is a logical goal, and in part, that is necessary … but there is a greater mystery to solve on your journey. Are you ready to find the answers?

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Howard A. Cooper, Author of The Emergence: A Time of Accelerated Change

Meet Howard A. Cooper

This is Howard A. Cooper’s first book. He felt compelled to write this book because of an event he experienced in December 2016. Due to the insights gained by this event, which he referred to as The Reveal Transit, and subsequent events related to his experience, Howard realized that the magnitude of change we were experiencing was unique and of great importance.