Today is the Day I Find Truth

“You are the focal point of your creations. Now is the moment to reveal this one fact. You are what you believe is your value to yourself. You are the nature of things being manifested.”

At this time, I think the world is crazy and I am too.
What in the world are we thinking when mankind talks about going to war like it’s a normal event?
Where is our consciousness when we accept that it’s okay for us to take another’s life?
What is in our DNA, our genes that allows us to take this liberty?
Through my life I have accepted the comings and goings of life without blinking an eye.
Oh, there were many things that made me cringe, but I went on.
I took my next breath and my next step and my life proceeded along its narrow path.
When I started on this journey to find Truth, something changed, somethings that I took for granted changed.
Our existence is not made by us. We are not the keeper of our roles in life.
There is something within us that is our Source, that is our focus on life.
This Source and focus has stood by while we created our creation without a basic understanding that we are light. That we have an inner glow that gives us the right to create.
Now as I stand before the Truth I ask myself to explain why I was not aware of a greater aspect of myself that is not only self but that is greater than self?
Someone said, “The Truth will make you whole.”
I now ask myself, “Will my wholeness bring me to Truth?”
My consciousness expands but my self remains.
I now realize that the two are related; I choose to find the place they meet.

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