April Book Signing Reflection, The Emergence

We would like to express our appreciation to everyone who attended Howard’s book signing and presentation at the Mystic Dream Center on April 13th and extend our thanks to those who have supported Howard and The Emergence over the past year. Your help has made this event possible and given us inspiration along this very special journey.

Of course, one hour is not much time and certainly not enough to convey all of the ideas expressed in The Emergence, but Howard was able to use this platform to supplement his written work and guide visitors through some of the larger ideas that thread throughout his writing. His discussion centered on the role of the individual in the wider world, the (often-overlooked) properties of light, and–revisiting the key theme in his book–the acceleration of change occurring today. By drawing inspiration from the essential, he saw the opportunity to get as much across as possible in a short period and reinforce some of the major ideas that had already been introduced in the text. As with his writing, Howard’s talk encapsulated his belief in greater understanding and the interrelatedness of our experiences, past and present. Howard discussed not only the influence that these progressions exert on daily events but their ongoing interactions with individuals–interactions that enable us to understand and find comfort in fundamental truths and overcome many of the fears we have learned to harbor.

Howard’s presentation was largely conversational in tone and delivered in the same style readers have come to expect from his writing, with select examples from his personal experiences helping to guide the audience through larger, universal truths and subjects. While Howard’s work has always been tied indelibly to his personal life, these moments helped to start off each new segment of the presentation and pace what could otherwise have been a very daunting attempt to understand the whole universe…in 60 minutes! Howard’s ability to balance a range of substantial concepts and questions without overwhelming his audience was a great asset to The Emergence, and it showed again during this talk. His sparse use of commonplace objects/props (an apple, a sketch, etc) further highlighted the universality of many of his remarks and his emphasis on both the symbolic and essential properties of matter. One of Howard’s main points of discussion (and a principal theme in The Emergence), our tendency to rely on our assumptions about Nature and overlook just how remarkable its properties can be, served as a reminder that the path to greater understanding is not reserved for just a select few or a feat beyond our current capabilities; it is only a matter of finding the willingness to let go of many of our assumptions and, thus, fears and allow ourselves to become attuned to the changes occurring around us.   

We hope you enjoyed Howard’s discussion, and we thank you again for all of your encouragement and support. The Emergence has served as the foundation for the Wisdom Stratum website and much of Howard’s work up to this point, but it also marks only one large part of a longer, ongoing journey toward understanding. Howard continues to regularly explore and write about this journey through the blog section of his website, and more events and presentations are lined-up for this year. We will be announcing dates and info for interactive workshops in the coming weeks, and we are pleased to inform you that Howard will be hosting a book signing at the Las Vegas Enlightenment Center on Sunday, July 14th from 5 to 7pm. There is no fee to attend, but you must register as space is limited. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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Materials and Photos from the April 13th Book Signing

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