The Powers of Creation: The Gift of Life

Life is a gift as is the present moment. Make the gift one of love by being present. The gift of life is filled with ...
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The Power of Creation: Kindness - Howard A. Cooper

The Powers of Creation: Kindness

The Powers of Creation Within the Laws of Creation exist certain powers.Our understanding of those powers enables us to live in greater harmony with ourselves ...
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December 2020

Realizing the Gift of Life One focus of life is to understand that the role one plays is never lost to eternity. The mark one ...
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Join Author Howard A. Cooper for HeartSpeak on April 13th

Join Author Howard A. Cooper for “HeartSpeak” on April 13th

Help Us Send Positive Energy with "HeartSpeak" With a grateful heart and joy to boot I place my intention for all to realize the nature ...
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Howard A. Cooper at The Emergence Book Signing, Mystic Dream Center

April Book Signing Reflection, The Emergence

We would like to express our appreciation to everyone who attended Howard’s book signing and presentation at the Mystic Dream Center on April 13th and ...
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Sacred Journeys: Great Pyramid of Giza and the Sphinx, Wisdom Stratum

Sacred Journeys

Howard A. Cooper, Author of The Emergence: A Time of Accelerated Change “Sacred Journeys” What prompts or drives a person to travel to sacred sites ...
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Breathe: Breath is a Gift, Wisdom Stratum - The Emergence

Embracing the Light – Breath

January 21, 2019Embracing the Light – Breath What does it mean to embrace the light? My time on earth has been spent going through the ...
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Embracing the Light, Wisdom Stratum - The Emergence

Embracing the Light – Part One

January 19, 2019Embracing the Light – Part One In the works of the ancient masters there is an understanding that all of light is not ...
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The Apple Orchard, Wisdom Stratum - Official Site of The Emergence

The Apple Orchard

January 18, 2019The Apple Orchard As I sit within the power of my mind an image of an apple orchard comes to me. I was ...
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July 2018

Today is the Day I Find Truth July 4, 2018 Today is the day that I awaken to a greater reality. One that is not ...
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