December 2020

Realizing the Gift of Life

One focus of life is to understand that the role one plays is never lost to eternity. The mark one leaves on this fragment of creation is not lost to time or to space. It is recorded for all time in the halls of the life force that embraces all that ever was, is and will be. The fragment of each life has a purpose, has a meaning and, within the framework of reality no matter the dimension, has value. 

What comes to pass in this space/time is of importance to this generation and the next generation of mankind and the next. How do we use the abilities we have to create something of value for ourselves and the universe around us? The ancients knew that it was imperative for us to come to know ourselves. Why was this so important that inscribed above the first door of the mystery school was, “To Know Thyself”? One reason is the part you play is your contribution to eternity. You are the vehicle of experience and expression that was given the gift of life. It is imperative at this time that we all use the gift we have been given with love and with compassion for one another. Begin to realize that your thoughts, ideals and beliefs create the world you experience. Make them of the highest vibration by becoming conscious of the way you use the gift of life for yourself and others.

Howard A. Cooper

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