July 2018

Today is the Day I Find Truth

July 4, 2018

Today is the day that I awaken to a greater reality. One that is not defined by the limits of my imagination or the focus of my mind. This reality is speaking so gently that I have to listen very carefully to its message. The thought comes very clearly to me as I sit down to write this morning. I AM the light that guides my direction in life. What is it that states that I AM light? What part of my consciousness brought forth that declaration? What is it within me that knows something about me that I don’t consciously know about myself?  As I ponder these questions an image comes to me. It is of a very thin candle and the candle is aglow directly in front of me. I start walking down a dark corridor and the light from the candle illuminates my every step. “Where am I going?” would be a reasonable question to ask but I don’t. I stop now before a cave and the cave is one that is familiar to me. As I recall this experience chills travel up and down my body without stopping. Why? What is causing my body to react to this experience? I have now stopped before the cave, I am asked one question by a voice that seems to come from everywhere at once. “What is it that brings me here?” My answer at first is “I don’t know.” After a moment’s pause I remember that just moments ago I heard clearly, “I AM the light that guides my direction in life.” I respond out loud, “I was following the light of the candle and it led me to this cave.” There is no response, only silence. I stare into the darkness of the cave and a light from the back of the cave streams towards me. Not a great light but a light that is moving very fast. It seems to leave a trail of light as it moves towards me. The light seems to vanish just as quickly as it came. Once more I look into the darkness of the cave as if something is about to materialize. I do not hear a sound nor do I see another image. A few moments pass and I turn slowly and leave the cave the way I came but this time there is no candle to light my way. I walk confidently away from the cave without the aid of a light source. The experience in my mind is quite real, quite vivid. There is a reason this happened now, what is it?

As I step back from this experience the following thoughts and memories come to me. The mind of man is littered with the fragments of dreams and experiences. We are the accumulation of our journey through life. When my wife and I were in Israel earlier this year we bought very thin candles at a monastery above the town of Jericho. At that monastery there is a cave. It is called the Cave of the Redemption. When I was in that cave I felt the presence of a figure. It could have been Yeshua (or Jesus); I don’t consciously know. What I do know is that something very profound happened in that cave and its energy has stuck with me in ways that I cannot describe. My wife took a picture of me in the cave and she also took a picture when the cave was empty. When we looked at our pictures that evening in our hotel room we were startled to see a flash of light, quite possibly an orb emerging from the back of the cave towards the front of the cave. She had the iPhone on live and it caught the light as it moved towards us. The camera then freezes the light in midair. We must have looked at that picture dozens of times and we have shared with people who have asked about our trip. There was no light source for the image to be a reflection of something behind us. When the picture was taken we were the only ones in the cave.

I am sure the image that I saw today is related to what took place in March of this year. When we walk the path of our existence there are many things that take place that we cannot explain. This one is related to the greater reality that I spoke of earlier. My imagination was guided by something I knew and by something I had experienced. It gave me clues that I am being asked to listen too. This is not just a material world. Its many layers are based on our heart’s desire, our experiences and the lessons we are here to learn and grow from. Today I experienced the special gift of a place that gives me chills just thinking about it. There is energy and recognition in those chills. They tell me that I what I felt was and is real. It tells me that in addition to my five senses I have other gifts that I am blessed with. In a very real and yet subtle way today is the day I have found truth.

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