The Emergence: A Time of Accelerated Change

Order your copy of The Emergence: A Time of Accelerated Change by Howard A. Cooper today, and follow your journey toward greater wisdom, peace, and appreciation of the world around us.

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Mona V.
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"Every now and then a book is presented that puts an entire lifetime into an authentic, spiritual perspective. The Emergence emphasizes our power as a Citizen of the Universe. If this book has crossed your path, you are ready for the lesson(s) presented. This is not 'light' reading, it is the understanding of Light, Love, and the importance being entirely Present and aware in this lifetime..."
Richard H.
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"I came across this book in a local bookstore and I am glad I did. This book really hit home with a lot of things I feel. The author does such a great job by helping you understand complex issues while making it exciting and fun. It's a page turner for sure. I would recommend this book to anyone looking for the big answers out there."