The Powers of Creation: Kindness

The Powers of Creation

Within the Laws of Creation exist certain powers.Our understanding of those powers enables us to live in greater harmony with ourselves and others. This is the first in a series of statements meant to enable our understanding of those powers.

  • What is given in kindness, is received in kindness. Be kind to oneself and others for it is returned in kind.

Whether we realize it or not the universe records and responds to our presence in creation. We can all bring forth kindness from our hearts and minds. Because we are in a circular creation what we give out has a way of returning to its source. We are not nor have we ever been isolated aspects of creation. The gift of life gives us the opportunity to raise our intentions to heights never before achieved. The gift of kindness demonstrates what little effort it takes to reach out our hand and hearts to another. In this climate of division let us realize we can and do make a difference with our thoughts, actions, and deeds. 

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