Workshop with Howard Cooper July 27th

Workshop with Howard Cooper July 27th

“ To be in the moment requires nothing. To be of the moment requires everything.” – Howard Cooper


“A Conscious Journey Through Time and Space”

Wisdom Stratum is excited to announce the first in a new series of interactive workshops with Howard Cooper, author of The Emergence: A Time of Accelerated Change. Howard will be presenting material from The Emergence and introducing new ideas and exercises he has developed since that book’s publication.

A long-form look at the mechanisms of change affecting us today and the opportunities for us to adapt and reach greater understanding, “A Conscious Journey Through Time and Space” is designed to give participants a chance to communicate with one another and Howard in a collaborative setting. This format also allows Howard to directly convey his message to participants on an individual level and discuss the effects of today’s world on each of us. The main goal of this workshop is to offer those who are looking to more deeply explore their relationship to the universe and aspects of higher understanding an instructional, supportive environment in which to do so.

“‘A Conscious Journey Through Time and Space‘ is an introduction to what is taking place in the foundation of reality and gives a glimpse into its cause. The light of our present level of understanding is undergoing change. Not as we know change as in the transition of seasons but as a seed thought of the creative that is being asked to move from current levels of reality to higher frequencies of consciousness. Based on the current levels of understanding and awareness the workshop will share knowledge, insights and experiences meant to give participants the ability to understand the dynamics taking place and provide choices for them to make consciously that will give greater insight and clarity in their lives.” – Howard Cooper

The workshop will run from 9:30am-5:00pm, with scheduled breaks, at the Las Vegas Enlightenment Center. Registration is $145 total per person, including lunch and all materials distributed throughout the workshop. Those who register before July 11th will receive an “early bird” discounted rate of $120. Additionally, all attendees at the July 27th workshop will receive a 20% discount off the price of the next workshop (schedule to be announced soon). Copies of The Emergence will also be available for purchase at a discounted rate. We look forward to sharing this opportunity for personal growth, spiritual enlightenment, and discussion with you, and we hope to see you soon!


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